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Veronica Pearman

Blog: Veronica UnLeashed, Being Latino, and Corset Magazine
Saint Petersburg, Florida
Hello and Saludos! I am a Dominican/American Bilingual writer. Currently I am a Staff Writer at Being Latino and Contributing Writer at Corset Magazine. I am also a blogger, in fact in 2010 I wrote about female sexuality for my blog Veronica UnLeashed and at the time, I had no idea that the success of my blog was the exception and not the rule. Unfortunately, I burned out on public interaction and really did not know how to manage it. After a much needed break, and learning more about Social Media - I've decided to regroup and crank up Veronica UnLeashed again! This time I am to balancing my chosen genre with Lifestyle entries. I share my desire to stay healthy, stylish, fit and vibrant as I face turning 50! My hopes are to inspire and help empower ALL women and especially those that are my age, along with the partners that love us - to live productive and vibrant lives as I strive to do the same!