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PADRES Contra El Cancer

PADRES Contra El Cancer
Los Angeles, CA; Miami, FL; New York City, NY; Las Vegas, NV
National Spokesperson:
Eva Longoria, Actress & Philanthropist

Founded in 1985, PADRES was created after two research studies funded by the American Cancer Society indicated that culturally–relevant educational and emotional support services for the Latino patient were lacking in the medical setting. The outcome of the studies influenced the medical community to recognize education and emotional support as vital health–related services in ensuring success of the treatment plan and the survival of the child.

When PADRES first opened its doors, our organization offered its support to eight families. Since that time, our programs, activities and services have assisted more than 3,800 families and 45,000 extended family members. Ranging from infancy to 21 years old, over 70 percent of our program recipients are predominantly Spanish–speaking.

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