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Banana Graphika
Head Designer and Founder
Miami, Florida
✯ With a strong presence of graphic elements in its aesthetics, Banana Graphika is a design shop dedicated to creating primarily luxury headwear, statement accessories and specialty gifts. ✯

I’m a designer, mother, social butterfly, and salsera empedernida.
All of my work is about helping women become amazingly confident by empowering their identity, creativity and style. Authenticity is the key!.
(Because you are a work of design, and ultimately deserve to shine. )
That is what I do.
And I am not confused.

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✯ Exquisite Handcrafted Accessories ✯
- Headwear, Graphic Jewelry and Specialty Gifts
- Chic Latin Style

Founder & Principal at Banana Graphika

Banana Graphika empowers women by honoring self-expression, creativity and style. We celebrate the charm of the Latin woman, whose attitude and cultural identity are undeniable.

Her accessories are produced almost entirely by hand with an exclusive design, made either as a single piece or a very limited edition collection. Craftsman techniques include sustainable as well as eco-friendly materials that support our environment.

The woman who wears Banana Graphika feels beautiful, is strong, curious and possesses an appetite for innovation. She proudly displays love for her heritage in harmony with who she is as a fabulous and unique individual. She is carefree, passionate, creative, as well as stylish, classy and elegant. Armed with confidence, she morphes any conventional ensemble into a fashion statement. Authenticity is one of her most precious values in life.

Banana Graphika is designed in Miami by Roxana Valdes-Lynch.