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Edith Tapia

Cuponeando PR
CEO & Founder
Guaynabo | Isabela , Puerto Rico
Edith Tapia started her blogging career in 2005 with her personal blog FLYingtoONEderland.com and soon found her passion: writing and helping others.
In 2011 became the first blogger living in Puerto Rico to talk about deals with coupons, and soon transformed the history of savings in the island. CuponeandoPR.net is considered the best and most trustworthy source of information if you want to save money and learn how to start Couponing in Puerto Rico. Her expertise in retailing and frugal living has given her the opportunity to be a corporate consultant for many brands that want to introduce coupons as a marketing strategy. It has also given her the honor to be Brand Ambassador for brands like Colgate-Palmolive, P&G and BUREA.

With tens of thousands of unique readers on the blog. Cuponeando PR is the considered the most influencial frugal blog in the island since 2011.

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